About Suzanne

My name is Suzanne Powell and I founded Simple Business Transformation in April 2020 after I became stranded in the Caribbean, just as I finished a 2 year contract with a large Telco, and just as the Coronavirus pandemic hit.

3 flight cancellations later I decided that now was the time to use what I have been taught over the years to help businesses recover from the pandemic, and to do what I love most, which is to see businesses grow and prosper. 

In the last 15 years I have delivered  69.4m GBP of financial cost savings, mostly in FTSE 100 companies, but it doesn’t really matter where I work, the methodology is the same. It’s really about problem solving. How to solve the problem of low profitability. How to solve the problem of low team morale. How to solve the problem of poor customer satisfaction. I’ve even solved the problem of an under performing mobile network. 

Firstly you understand and define the problem. Secondly you measure how serious the problem is. Then you analyse the problem. You fix the problem. And finally you make sure the problem doesn’t happen again. And then you move on to the next problem. Simple.

There are going to be plenty of downloadable resources that will help you transform your business. From project plans and business benefits templates, to performance management templates and team building exercises. In addition there will be in depth content that just doesn’t just skim the surface of your business problems, but gives you real help that you can put into action and make a difference.

These resources and content fall into 2 distinct but complementary categories; Business Improvement and Leadership and they cover everything you need to completely and simply transform your business. 

To be kept updated of all new business advice and resources that will help your business be the best it will be ......