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70 webinar software reviews (Feb 2021)


Having moved my business online during the pandemic, I decided I needed to invest in Webinar software.

I started my search

There were a few software comparison websites, but some of the reviews were missing information

So I turned to blogs. These enticed me to read “21 best webinar software for 2021” or “10 best webinar software platforms that work”. But I was dubious. Had they reviewed ALL webinar software? What did they define as best, and how did they know what was best for me?

I decided to generate a list of my own which contained all the webinar software I could find. Once the list was completed I went onto each website and gathered relevant information around price, features, number of attendees etc. It took a long time!  

The good news was that webinar software wasn’t as expensive as I thought, many had a free trial, and some even had a free version!! What surprised me was how many had a free version. 

An in terms of functionality some offered up to 4 different types of webinar to suit all needs. For example, recorded webinars allow you to get it right before you stream. Some recorded webinars even had the look and feel of a live webinar, with the ability to fake attendees if you were so inclined.

So with costs starting from zero, and the fear of looking an idiot on a live stream removed, what’s stopping you from hosting webinars? or me for that matter!

Now if you don’t know where to start I found this an interesting read. But do it later. https://www.goto.com/resources/big-book-of-webinar-stats

First lets move on to ……

Table of Contents

Features, uses and benefits of webinars

Webinars are a great way to connect with your customers and your teams, and webinars allow for more interaction than a video call.

For entrepreneurs webinars are great for promoting your product, building your email list and generating leads

For large businesses they are great for saving your company money through reduced travel time and cost. They can be used for anything from recruitment interviews to large virtual events and conferences, where you can create breakout rooms for attendees.

Webinars allow for real time feedback from the audience through polls, Q&A and chat. These can be moderated and even hidden from the audience if you prefer, and attendees can upvote the best questions.

Through the chat feature they can discuss the presentation and interact with you and the other attendees, even if they are on the other side of the world.

Here are some uses for webinars

  • Product presentations
  • Lead generation
  • Training for employees and customers
  • Employee communications
  • Shareholders meetings
  • Press conferences
  • Workshops
  • Tutorials
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Product demos
  • Online courses
  • Pay-Per-View
  • Recruitment, Onboarding and training
  • Town Hall broadcasts
  • Conferences and events
  • Fundraising

What do you need to host a webinar?

Well aside from the webinar software there are a couple of items that can add a professionalism to your webinar.

You could try the laptop microphone and webcam first,  but if these don’t work out then check out the options below




You also need an email account with an email marketing service provider. I’d suggest Mailchimp and Convertkit because they have a free version

And of course you need a laptop and a good internet connection

What to consider when choosing webinar software?

  • Do you need live, on demand or automated webinars? Or all 3?
  • How easy is it for the participant to join?
  • How many attendees will the software allow?
  • What features are included?
    • Polls
    • Chat
    • Pop ups
    • Analytics
    • Customised branding
    • Integrations with existing CRM etc
    • Can you have multiple presenters?
    • Is there a free trial?
  • Is there a free version or free trial?
  • And many more………..

Webinar terminology

But before we get to the reviews let’s look at the terminology. Some webinar software company websites may call a particular feature one thing, and another company might call the same feature something completely different.

Video conferencing and web conferencing

They both allow you to host a video based meeting between 2 or more people. They both enable collaboration and they can both be recorded to be watched later on demand. There might be slight nuances but they are basically the same thing.

Webcast is a video presentation which is not collaborative in the same way that a webinar is. It tends to be a one way presentation over the internet that is live or on demand or both. It’s ideal for larger audiences such as all hands calls, Town Halls, conferences and seminars.

Webinar is still an online presentation but it allows the presenter or presenters to engage more with the audience.  Engagement comes through chat, polls and Q & A.

Webinar software can do both webcasts and webinars.

Live Webinars

Live webinars are scheduled for a specific date/time. There’s nowhere to hide with a live webinar so maybe try a pre-record first.

Live webinars can be a one off or you can host multiple webinars on a recurring basis,

Recorded webinars (on demand)

An on-demand webinar is when a previously recorded webinar is uploaded for your audience to access at any time from your website, or wherever you embed it.

This can be a live webinar that you recorded at the time and make available for replay.

On demand webinars are great for generating leads by building your email list by requesting people get access by registering and capturing their email address.

You can also generate revenue by selling tickets.

Automated webinars (Evergreen)

Evergreen Webinars are recorded webinars that happen frequently, say every hour.

Because they are automated you don’t need to personally be on the webinar.

The advantage of automated and evergreen webinars is they feel live in that they are simulated as live. The Q&A and chat roll across the screen and these can be real or simulated

Hybrid webinars

These are webinars where the presentation is pre-recorded but the presenter is available “live” for answering Q&A and chat. In these cases the presenter can’t hop on to present

Livestream webinars

Is when your webinar streams simultaneously on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Some companies offer up to 9 simultaneous video streams.

Summit or Series

Is a sequence of webinars that operate a series in much the same way a TV series would operate.

Again, these could be monetised and attendees can register for one at time or the whole series

This is interesting reading – https://streamgo.co.uk/webinar-software

Now let’s get to the webinar software review. These are in no particular order and the words are lifted from the websites.  I’ve expressed no opinions here. I’m just stating the facts as they appear on the individuals websites.

For easy comparison download the spreadsheet. This allows you to filter on the features that are important to you  

Webinar software Review

Want to see all the webinar software on a spreadsheet?

Sometimes it’s easier to create a shortlist by selecting the features from a spreadsheet. 

So if you would prefer to see the 70 webinar software reviews in a condensed spreadsheet then fill out the download form.

If you prefer to read each on then scroll down

By signing up for the download you are agreeing for us to contact you with other free offers and great content to help your business. We won’t spam you, I promise, and you can unsubscribe at any time

Big Marker

Best used by:

Companies of all size and type. Great for anyone wanting to host differing variety of webinars


Max 1000 attendees, max 4 presenters

Big Marker offers a huge variety of flexible options for your webinars which you can integrate with your social media and monetize by selling tickets to your events. The webinars that Big Marker offer are …..

Live webinars which happen at a specific time or on a recurring basis

On demand webinars which are customizable, embeddable videos with interactive super powers

Automated webinars which simulate a live webinar experience with automated videos, chats, polls and much more

Evergreen webinars where you can run an automated webinar around the clock to automate training or marketing

Live stream which allows to stream a live webinar to Facebook, YouTube, or other broadcast platforms

Summit or series which is a group of live, on demand or automated sessions with a single registration flow


Integrate your webinars with FaceBook Live and YouTube.

Custom branded player

Advanced customisation

Ability to sell tickets and Stripe integration

Premium landing pages

email marketing


7 day free trial

Go To Webinar

Best used by:

Companies of all size and type


Max 3,000 attendees

Go to Webinar powers millions of webinars every year and is trusted by businesses large and small due to its large range of features and ease of use.

A new feature called “Go To Stage” means your webinar can be discovered by the millions of people who attend GoToWebinar sessions every year.




Flexible scheduling – Set up a one-time live event, series or on-demand experience        

Automatic reminder – emails sent to registrars automatically

Interactive – polls, Q&A and drawing tools to keep attendees interested

Branding – Add your brand colours, logo and images on your webinar materials.

Video Editor – Trim your video into sections to make content more digestible and highlight important moments.

Custom registration – Create questions to capture the registrant info you want.   

Record unlimited webinars with unlimited cloud storage

Webinar templates – Skip steps by using settings from past webinars for new events.

Transcripts – Search, edit and download automatic transcripts of your recorded webinars

Event set up –You can view every webinar and adjust settings


7 day free trial

Jet Webinar

Best used by:

Good for companies of all sizes


Max 1m attendees, unlimited presenters

Jet Webinar specializes in high attendance events delivered in real-time and includes 3 products giving different functionality

Jetstream allows you to host ultra fast webinars with no limit to the number of attendees

Jetcast allows you to host simulated webinars at all hours and in all timezones, all across the world. Run webinar replays as if they are live events, while still maintaining the live interactivity and engagement of a live webinar.

Jetcall allows you to hold fast, virtual meetings, create meeting rooms, share screen and video with colleagues and friends.



The user can access the stream from any device, there is no need to download any bulky application.

Integration with a wide variety of applications across the Internet through it’s flexible API interface

Personalised emails – Automatically remind people to attend your events and follow up after.

Automated webinars – Host your webinars automatically without you needing to be present.

Sub-second latency broadcasting

Landing page builder – Customize every aspect of the webinar experience with a drag & drop page builder.

Sales tools – Automatically direct your attendees to your sales pages so you can easily close more sales in less time.

Affiliate tracking – Promote your webinar to your network’s contacts and use the affiliate tracking system so you can send them thanks (or money).

Interactive live chat – Receive and respond to incoming attendee messages

Custom templates ready for use


14 day free trial

Webinar Ninja

Best used by:

Companies of all size and type


Max 1,000 attendees

WebinarNinja focusses on simplicity. With WebinarNinja, you can create your webinar in seconds, get on with your day and start getting sign-ups for your webinar immediately.

4 types of webinar platforms which are

Live – Broadcast in real time

Automated – Schedule your pre-recorded webinars when it’s convenient for you, or choose the “Watch Now” option so future customers can attend whenever they like.

Series – Too much content for a single webinar? Set up a webinar series, and give your attendees a complete experience. With Series Webinars, you can create a complete training package for valuable skills and certifications.

Hybrid – Upload recorded videos or live webinar replays. Answer questions, chat, and interact with your audience as they enjoy the show.


Custom registration and thank you pages that convert.

Built in email and landing pages

Thank You Page Redirect – Send registrants to your own website or a URL of your choice, immediately after signup.

Pay on registration – Easily collect and process payment for your paid webinars with our native Stripe integration.

Segmented chat – Chat publicly with the whole audience, or privately with individual attendees, or with co-hosts and other admins

Analytics to see who registered, who attended, who clicked, who purchased, and more. Track your Facebook ad performance with your unique pixel.

Offer and handouts – Handouts lets you share simple downloads like PDFs and other content.

Interactive Questions – Attendees can submit questions, and upvote the most relevant ones. Hosts can timestamp their answer for easy reference during replays.

Polls – Easily create polls, and choose how to share the results live.



14 day free trial

Webinar Kit

Best used by:

Anyone wanting to host automated webinars on repeat for a one off price rather than a recurring payment


Max attendees: unlimited

Get all the amazing benefits of running live webinars without ever needing to go live. Easily create automated webinars so that you can put your business on autopilot.

Never pay monthly fees with WebinarKit’s special one-time pricing for a limited time. WebinarKit will eventually cost $99 per month. But for a limited time, they are offering a one-time payment for WebinarKit that includes lifetime updates. Act now and avoid ever paying monthly or yearly fees.


Works with all major browsers , plus no plugin or app installation required

Optimized for all devices and integrated with your favourite apps including email and CRM

Registration pages – Specify text and background colours, headlines, descriptions, timers, logos, and more 

Live chat lets you interact with your webinar attendees as if it were a fully live webinar. Your attendees can watch your prerecorded webinar video while directly communicating with you and others via a live chat box. you can just respond to messages and questions as they come in from the comfort of anywhere.

Easily view all of your most important webinar metrics. Registration page conversion rates, webinar drop out times, average attendance rates, clicks to your offers, and much more.

You can set offers to display at specific times during your webinar presentation.

Schedule your webinar for a specific time and date. Or schedule your webinar on an ongoing basis for certain times and days.

WebinarKit also supports “Just in time” scheduling, allowing registrants to join your webinar right away and maximizing event attendance

Easily view all of your most important webinar metrics. Registration page conversion rates, webinar drop out times, average attendance rates, clicks to your offers, and much more.

Email notifications – With WebinarKit, you can make sure all of your registrants show up to your webinars thanks to fully automated email notifications


14 day money back guarantee

WebinarKit – For those of you who want to host live webinars, then WebinarKit Live costs a month or $297 a year

WebinarKit Live – For those of you who want to host live webinars, then WebinarKit Live costs a month or $297 a year

WebinarKit Pro – For an additional $77 one off payment you can upgrade to WebinarKit Pro which gives you the additional benefits of polls and handouts as well as built in video hosting

WebinarKit Chat Simulator – For an additional $47 one off payment you can get WebinarKit chat simulator. This gives webinars a huge “live” effect increasing overall engagement and ultimately profits.

WebinarKit Agency – For $97 you can get WebinarKit Agency which enables you to turn your accounts into a marketing agency that gets high paying monthly clients. Again this is a one off payment with no monthly or yearly recurring fees.

WebinarKit Live Agency – And finally, with WebinarKit Live Agency, you can create up to 25 subaccounts that can run live webinars for your webinar agency for a monthly fee of $49 a month or $497 a year

Best used by:

Educators, Entrepreneurs, Small businesses


Max attendees: 500, Max presenters: 4

DaxTa provides a simple, downloadable webinar experience and all the education tools you need to generate better results.

The website seems to be aimed predominantly aimed at educational institutions and promoting the use of webinars as an educational strategy

It mentions the use of DaxTa as a lead generation tool to feature upcoming events on your website or blog, to turn new visitors into leads. It also mentions Demand generation to generate hot prospects for your sales team by engaging leads at all stages of the buying process.



Download – Record the live streaming of the session to watch and learn again at the time of your convenience.

Web Real-Time Communication – DaxTa is among one of the early adopters of Web Real-Time Communication (Web RTC) and HLS technology.

No Downloads or plugins – Frictionless joining without any bulky software downloads. You can attend the live classes with one click right in the browser.

Customised branding – Apply your branding and logo across all of your event materials and eliminate any kind of distractions during the session.

You can also customise your admission forms and embed it anywhere

Interactive quiz to keep the audience engaged

Downloads – Allow the audience to downloads handouts and notes

Q&A – Easy management of Q&A through the dedicated features of DaxTa of answering questions live.

@ Mentions and gestures – Give your audience more ways to interact through emoji gestures, and the ability to @mention other participants.

HD Recording – DaxTa records your sessions in HD quality. You can download the recordings in MP4 format and these can be shared with the audience

Analytics – Measure the effectiveness of your webinars through in-depth, actionable insights.

Integration – Integrate with the marketing apps you’re already using


There is a free 14 day trial which is limited to 20 attendees over a 1 hour period

Best used by:

Marketing and customer education teams


Max attendees: 500, Maximum presenters: 4

Demio provides a simple, no-download webinar experience for your audience, as well as all the marketing tools you need to generate better results.

Demio focusses on Lead generation, demand generation, customer engagement, brand awareness and partnerships


Live events – A standard live presentation with real-time, HD streaming..

Series events – Keep people registered across a group of live, scheduled sessions.

Hybrid events – Use a combination of live streaming and pre-recorded videos.

Automated events – Events on autopilot with a completely pre-recorded presentation and other simulated elements.

On demand events – A completely pre-recorded presentation that can be viewed instantly at any time of the day.


Integration with apps you are already using

Interactive polls with stats. you can keep the stats hidden or share them with attendees for social proof.

Use Featured Actions to link your audience to an offer, sign up page, or any URL during the event.

Share handouts, gifts, and bonuses for your audience to download.

Easily manage Q&A with dedicated features for organization and answering questions live.

@ Mentions and gestures – Give your audience more ways to interact through emoji gestures, and the ability to @ mention other participants.

Bring attendees to the stage – Give microphone or webcam permissions to any of your attendees, so they can come front and centre for the audience.

Easily share your recording – Your recording is automatically hosted on a beautiful page that you can easily share with your audience

Customize the replay page – Customize or add any elements on the recording page, including a call-to-action for your audience.

Branded registration page – Add additional custom fields to the registration forms in order to capture important information from new leads

Analytics – Track registrations as you promote, understand how people watched your webinar, view and export the results

Private or public chat


14 day free trial


Best used by:

Companies of all size and type


Max attendees: 5,000. Max presenters: 6

WebinarJam’s cloud-based broadcasting technology allows you to reach up to 5000 people in one presentation without breaking a sweat (or breaking the bank).

If you have the audience, we can deliver your message to them! And, because we allow up to 6 presenters, you can go solo or host a roundtable of experts to collaborate and share their knowledge on screen.

Webinar works from all devices and has a plethora of features that will meet all your needs


Paid Webinars – Create a paid webinar by plugging in a payment gateway during registration. Use our password-protected rooms to secure your content.

Video Injections – Plug in a pre-recorded video and run your presentation on autopilot. The video injections plug into your live presentation 100% seamlessly.

Drawing Board – Enhance your presentations by hand-writing notes directly on top of your slides or drawing diagrams to explain a concept.

Handouts – Effortlessly share files to download, such as homework or a must-read PDF, with your attendees during your live webinar.

Polls & Surveys – Quiz your audience and beef up your material by creating engaging polls and surveys that let you know more about your attendees.

Active Offers – Convert your webinars into fully-fledged, money-making events with visually-captivating live offer displays.

Email & SMS System – Schedule a series of pre-and-post-webinar notifications, both via email and SMS text, so your registrants never miss what you have to say.

Page Builder – Maximize your registrations with our professionally designed, but fully-customizable pages. All designs are 100% mobile responsive.

Attendee Spotlight – Encourage live testimonials or an interactive discussion by bringing any attendee onto your virtual stage during your webinar.

Flexible scheduling – Run your webinars exactly when and how you need them with a right-now webinar, a scheduled webinar, or a recurring series.

Automate recordings – Record your webinars automatically, and share it out using our Replica Replay feature that mimics everything that happened in the live room.

Engage your audience – with many live chat options including group chat, private comments, highlighted comments, sticky announcements, and more.

Professional & Enterprise plans – Features

Panic Button – Escape a bad webinar with the panic button. We’ll boot up a brand new live room and automatically transfer everyone into it.

Always-On Room – Reserve a dedicated always-on, branded room for your business. The URL has your company name and the link never changes. Included in Professional and above accounts.

Enterprise plan

Control Center – Let your staff moderate and manage the event from our separate control room, while you focus on the presentation. Included in Enterprise accounts.


14 day free trial but also at the time of writing WebinarJam are offering a full 30 day trial for $1


Best used by:

Companies of all types and size


Max attendees: unlimited. 

This is a sister tool of Webinarjam. You can take your live webinar from Webinarjam and using Everwebinar and turn it into an automated webinar.

You can run a webinar while you sleep which means you can run them easily in different time zones. It reaches a greater number of attendees than a live webinar and you can handle real time questions while the presentation runs on auto pilot.

You can poll and ask questions even though it isn’t live and the number of attendees can be faked


Flexible scheduling – unique scheduling system lets you select either a specific date and time in the calendar, or recurring schedules days and times the week and time zones based on what works best for your audience.

On demand webinars – No waiting, no scheduling, no delay… attendance conversions through the roof!

A seamless user experience, both for the presenters and the attendees. There’s no plugin or App to download or install, minimizing user confusion and technical hiccups.  

If you’re a WebinarJam user (sold separately), you can import a previous live webinar and convert it automatically into an evergreen event… with the click of ONE button!

Live Chat – Handle real time questions while the presentation runs on autopilot!

Live Chat Simulator – Write or import your own chat history, and the system will roll it “live” through the event!

Polls and Surveys – Quiz your audience and get to know them.

Connect with your autoresponder or CRM of choice for amazing automation capabilities

EverWebinar allows you to easily split test your webinar landing page and its contents, and will track which version delivers better conversions.

Active Offers – pop a visually-captivating offer in front of your audience. If you want to infuse a sense of urgency or scarcity, you may limit the number of copies available or activate an expiration countdown.

Full Email & SMS System

Analytics – Performance Stats In Real Time. What are your registration and show up rates? Are your attendees are dropping out of the room early or are they staying to the end?

Dynamic Attendance – People join and leave the webinar rooms all the time during a live event, and EverWebinar replicates that natural behaviour too.

Landing page templates you can customise

Automated Integrations – Connect with your autoresponder or CRM of choice for amazing automation capabilities

Just-in-time webinars – users will find a webinar session about to start in just a few minutes, giving them the impression that they’ve arrived just at the perfect time!

no plugin or App to download or install, minimizing user confusion and technical hiccups.



14 day trial for $1

Best used by:

Marketers, trainers, sales managers, IT managers, PR and IR, AV producers


Max attendees: unlimited. 

Live and On-Demand Audio and Video Webcasts

Scale up with Onstream’s VisualWebcaster, which lets you conduct webcasts with advanced features to an unlimited audience on their desktops or mobile devices to ensure a positive experience.


No apps or downloads

Connect your conference bridge and extend your reach with an Audio Webcast.

Unlimited audience – robust content delivery infrastructure to reach thousands all over the world with no buffering.


Fully customizable interfaces to reflect your brand

Live or pre recorded videos

Automated archiving

Audience can follow and interact live on Twitter

Advanced reporting available anytime and from anywhere


Free 30 day trial. No pricing available on the website


Best used by:

Companies of all type and size


Max attendees 500 for live webinars and unlimited for automated webinars

Webinar JEO is built from the ground up using Amazon’s world class AWS technology to provide an unmatched live-stream experience.

They provide support for evergreen, recorded or Live webinars. This means you can have live AND Evergreen Webinars in the same platform (Saving You Money!)

Webinar JEO gives you rock-solid reliability, universal compatibility, and infinite scalability. That means, Webinar JEO grows as you grow, delivering your audience a seamless, professional experience no matter how full your webinars get.


Webinar JEO lets you host recorded webinars as if they were live. Maximize engagement by having a live host answer questions, give feedback, and make sales while your original webinar is replaying “live”.

Interactive Surveys & Quizzes – Get instant engagement from even the most hard to reach audiences. Drop in simple quizzes to instantly transform passive listeners into active attendees.

Interactive Polling – Perfect the flow of your presentations using interactive polls to generate rapid, real time feedback.

Facebook Live – Webinar JEO integrates directly with Facebook live, enabling you to run a webinar on Facebook. You can share directly from there to facebook groups and facebook pages.

Live Screen Share – Share your personality to keep your content fresh, alive and engaging and stand out as a real authority

Live Chat – Chat in real time with your attendees. Catch questions the moment they arise. Build a personal connection to your customer base. Generate massive brand loyalty.

One Click Private Chat – Sometimes a quiet word in private is all it takes to close a sale, or inspire a coaching client to great heights.

Built In Lead Capture – Webinar JEO comes preloaded with a selection of tried, tested and proven webinar lead capture forms, so you can spend more time on fine tuning your content and less time worrying about leads.

Built In Follow Up Messages – Webinar JEO sends out carefully crafted follow up messages to get your registered guests to turn up.

Professional templates – choose from your selection of professionally designed, mobile and web responsive webinar pages and you’ll be ready to go.

Call to action – Just push a button and your CTA magically appears. Create mini-offers to present throughout your presentation in advance, and display them when you’re ready for the sale.

Countdown Timer – Use Webinar JEO’s built-in countdown timers to add a huge amount of urgency to your presentations and registration pages, and watch your conversion rates double.


30 day guarantee


Best used by:

Companies of all type and size


Max attendees: unlimited

Live Stream Real-time & Recorded Videos

Go Live or Schedule Recorded Video Streams to 40+ Social Media Platforms Simultaneously


Social media streaming = Multicast to 40+ streaming networks including Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitter’s Periscope, Twitch, Instagram

Pre recorded streaming – Schedule your pre-recorded videos for live streaming to social media up to 60 days in advance

Real time streaming – Use any streaming tool like OBS, Zoom, Wirecast, XSplit, etc and start multistreaming across social media

Playlist streaming – Queue recorded videos in any order of your choice and schedule them to go live on multiple social media streaming platforms

Cloud storage integration – Import videos directly from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, pCloud or Zoom recordings and save your internet bandwidth



Best used by:

Companies of all type and size but especially good for anyone wanting to create webinars for a living sue to the extensive training .


Max attendees: 500 live attendees. Max presenters: 1

Webinarloop uses Google tech to give you the most widest scale and perfect results without a hassle.

Live Webinars – Talk or present to a live audience. Supports camera & screen sharing.

Automated Webinars – Recorded webinars that are indistinguishable from live webinars. Run Webinar replays that look live in every way complete with Simulated chat and events.

On-Demand Webinars – On-Demand webinars that work anytime someone signs in. Webinar-On-Demand feature gives your attendee the full Webinar experience no matter when they sign up.



High-speed delivery at top quality without lags thanks to YouTube infra

Run automated scheduled webinars with pre-recorded video and chat.

100% customizable sign-up pages with in-built page-designer and multiple templates.

Automated webinar email reminders make sure you get maximum show-ups.

Embeddable signup forms you can put in your own landing pages or emails

Customizable call to actions on the webinar page.

Zapier integration to take your webinar leads to any CRM or system.

Detailed reporting and analytics give you important metrics about retention.

Increased protection from ‘funnel-hackers’

Run live webinars and broadcast yourself or your screen

Run on-demand webinars & replays where your viewers can see the webinar whenever they want.

Fully customizable thank you pages with multiple templates.

Run your webinars on your own domains.

Simulated chat to help you increase customer engagement.

Integration with all the top autoresponders.

Integration with Facebook Pixel, Google Pixel, Google analytics or any other analytics system.

Custom button code lets you plugin your buy buttons or links to your landing page.

Free automatic upgrade for 1-year


Money back guarantee


Stealth Seminar

Best used by:

Companies of all size and type


Max attendees: 500 with growth plan and Custom increased number of simultaneous attendees with Power plan

StealthSeminar is the webinar platform that autopilots your efforts. Run pre-recorded webinars as if they are live to better leverage time, avoid tech failures and remove presentation nerves.

Their strap line is “Automate webinars. Generate leads & sales. Build authority. Optimize results.”

They promote 3 webinar types –

Live – Live webinars allow you to literally be live.

Automated – Upload any standard video file and set it to run as frequently as you desire with automation. Each webinar will run as many times a day as you desire

Hybrid – Hybrid webinars are a mix of live and Hybrid. That is when a portion of the webinar is automated (maybe the core of your webinar that does not change) and then you are able to do a custom open or Q&A, etc.



Integrations – You can integrate any autoresponder or CRM system that allows an html form on a page or has API. Plugins are optional and provide you with more advanced integrations.

Registrations – You can use one of their built in registration templates, one of your own custom pages, a third party such as LeadPages, or you can use their API to register attendees.

Call to action – Calls to Actions are text, a graphic or button that appear at your designated time, for as long as you desire them

Customised templates – Webinar registration templates, Thank You Page, Webinar Countdown Page, Webinar Event Page, Webinar is Over Page, Webinar Replay Page, Webinar Replay is Over Page.

Email & SMS Reminders – Email built-in reminders (that you can customize with your copy) and their built-in sms are both included with no additional costs.

Attendees – Your webinar can show actual attendee count; faux attendee count. Also your webinar can show no attendance numbers; actual attendee names or faux attendee names. Your webinar can show a mix or no attendees names at all.


Polls & Surveys – You can offer live or faux Polls, and  live and faux Surveys. You control the outcome of both and you can choose actual results or faux results.

Chat/Q&A -During your webinars you can have live chat or faux chat. In the faux chat only chat comments you previously approved will appear during the webinar for attendees.

Analytics – Track with Facebook, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, Google Analytics, etc and see your webinar conversion rate, registration optin-in, show up rate, number of webinar attendees, webinar engagement rate, webinar replay attendees, webinar drop rate and more.

Built-in Sales Reporting – You know your money earned, value per webinar registration page visit, value per registrant, value per webinar attendee, total value per webinar.

Attendance tracking – Find out which webinars are performing when you go live, and which are not. Dig into important data.


30 day free trial

Business Hangouts

Best used by:

Companies of all size and type


Max attendees: 1m, multiple presenters

Business Hangouts is a good all rounder with web conferencing, webcasts and webinars available with no need to purchase separate plans.



Instant One-Click Meetings – Instantly host meetings on-demand, whenever and wherever you need them.

Easily Record Your Meetings – Whenever it’s necessary, easily record your meetings and store them in your account for later use.

Simultaneously Share Video And Screen – Business Hangouts is the only meeting and webinar solution that allows you to simultaneously share your screen and video broadcast without needing to download any software or even an extension.

Easy Integrations With Calendar Systems – Business Hangouts easily integrates with many calendar systems. This one-click integration will make sure everyone has the right date and time.

Easily Share Documents, PDFs, Images -share PDFs, and images. Business Hangouts makes it easy to share your assets with participants whenever you need.

Easily Customize Event Branding

Run Moderated Chat- Business Hangouts gives you the ability to easily manage your incoming chat messages to make sure that only the highest quality messages are visible.

Host Free Or Paid Events – Whether you want to host an event for free or charge for an event, Business Hangouts gives you the tools to charge for attendance, and make a profit off of your content.

Setup Pre-Built Event Email Sequences – Business Hangouts gives you the ability to create engaging email sequences from a library of pre-built emails..

Instantly Stream To Facebook & YouTube – In order to reach a larger audience, Business Hangouts gives you the ability to instantly stream to Facebook and YouTube

Embed Event Registration On Any Page – If you’ve already created a landing page or a registration page outside of the webinar system, Business Hangouts gives you the ability to embed a registration widget in any external page.


14 day free trial


Best used by:

Companies of all size and type


Max attendees: 10,000. Max presenters: multiple with purchased add ons

Online business meetings & collaboration – Speed up your projects and make them more efficient by taking them online. Meet your team members, business partners, customers, and freelancers scattered all over the globe.

Online courses & training sessions –  Reach your students and trainees wherever they are. Share your valuable and insightful knowledge and walk your audience through even the most complex topics. Display your educational materials, sketch on the whiteboard, use polls for tests and exams. Teach and train your audience. Monetize your expertise.

Product demos & marketing – Deliver knowledge relevant to your target audience. Explain why your product is a match with your customers’ needs. Showcase how it works step-by-step. Generate more leads with On-Demand and Automated Webinars, follow them up with more advanced and unique content. Make them click your final Call-To-Action button during a live webinar.

Huge online events – Save your time, money, and resources and go entirely online with your huge conference. Forget about renting venues and booking flights. Gather dozens of presenters and hundreds or thousands of attendees in one virtual conference room. Get your message across to your leads, customers, students, or employees located all over the world.


Paid webinars – The Integration allows you to monetize your webinars quickly and easily. Simply enable the feature and decide which webinars you want to charge for. The transactions are processed by PayPal

Automated webinars – put your webinars on autopilot

Large scale online events – Get together with up to 10,000 viewers thanks to webcasting technology.

Sell tickets – Connect ClickMeeting with platforms like Eventbrite through Zapier. Make a way to your own payment method by using ClickMeeting’s API

Social media – Attract more attendees with social media shares and email invitations. Reward your viewers with certificates of attendance. Promote your webcasts with your profile and registration pages

Make your webcast safe – Secure it with a paid access. Guard it with a password or a unique token. Lock your event room if necessary

Customize your webinar pages to match your brand and business niche. Choose a brand colour, upload a logo, or customize the URL

Whiteboard – Use the whiteboard to make your webinars more engaging for your audience          

Polls and surveys – Run polls and surveys on any topic during your webinar to gather opinions, insights and feedback from your audience.

Chat – Have conversations with the audience without disrupting the flow of the webinar. Private chat allows one-to-one conversations between the presenter and an attendee.

Stream your events live on Facebook or YouTube.


30 day free trial

Cloud Presenter

Best used by:

Anyone wanting more than a webinar. Cloud Presenter offers webinars, colloboration and meeting modes


Max attendees 2,500+

The Cloudpresenter platform is designed and developed especially for events and meetings, video conferencing, webinars and eLearning. With the ability to switch (in real-time) between different modes, like collaboration, sharing and discussion it is ideal for one to one meetings through to events for thousands of people. Key features include the ability to host breakout sessions and host on-demand content, not to mention our internal collaboration tools for webinar delivery. Our platform provides you the ability to prepare registration and send out invites natively as well as integrations with CRM systems, tracking and multiple marketing automation solutions.


Host on demand content with videos

Powerpoint, Keynote and Presi integration

Screen share

Tests and Polls



Breakout rooms


Marketing automation solutions

CRM integration

Custom branded


Price on applicaion on the website

Easy Webinar

Best used by:

Businesses of all size and type


Max attendees: 2,500. Max presenters: 4

Easy Webinar offers both Live and Automated webinars. These evergreen automated webinars stream in real time and have the look, feel and experience of a live event. Not only can you set the time for the stream to begin, but it also streams in real time (therefore if an audience member comes late, they are missing some of the show!) This real time streaming creates an urgency and commitment to come to the webinar; a commitment that a replay video simply can’t replace!


Real-Time Chat – Super easy live chat and of course, emojis are fully supported.

Record and Archive – Record and archive any and all webinar sessions. Download them, or use previous live sessions as automated webinars.

Run HD ScreenSharing – Share everything in perfect HD including presentations, documents, browser windows and more.

Make Any Attendee A Presenter – Select the attendee and EasyWebinar’s software will automatically locate their camera and audio allowing them to start presenting on the spot.

Social Media – EasyCast  allows you to stream live on multiple social media platforms at the same time.

Repurpose your live webinars – take your live webinars and convert them immediately into an automated webinar with more than 9 scheduling options. You also have the option to create automated webinars from the beginning.

Right-On-Time Registration – Utilize the right-on-time feature to stream webinars at the next 15 minute increment from the time a visitor comes to your page. For example, if your audience members are on your page at 2:05pm they would see a prompt for the next webinar starting at 2:15pm

Advanced Analytics and Reporting – See if your audience showed up, how long they stayed and if they clicked on an offer. Gaining a deeper understanding of your audience members actions will help you optimize your event!

‘Wait For It’ Block Days – Build a sense of demand for your webinar when you determine a waiting period for new visitors by blocking a set number of days before the next webinar is open for registration.

Question and answer – Answer questions and chat in real time with absolutely no delay.

Increase Engagement by Polling Your Audience

Polling feature – Ask questions, get real time responses and the insights you need all with the click of a button!

Send Email Notifications Before and After the Webinar – email system is dynamic and can send evergreen emails based on a specific registrants time registered.

Registration Embed Form – host a registration form on your own websites, with landing page builders or in your own member’s areas.

Custom “Thank You” Page –  standard thank you page, or set any custom URL as the post-registration thank you page.


14 day free trial

Instant Teleseminar

Best used by:

Companies of all size and type


Max attendees 100,000

Super-easy teleseminars help you coach in groups, work with affiliate partners, generate leads, and make more money.

Coaches and other professional speakers choose Instant Teleseminar because it’s easy to use for both you and your audience, with no downloads required for anyone.

Instant Teleseminar is the easiest way to build your list and sell your expert knowledge. With just a few clicks, you can set up an event, deliver your talk, and present a Call to Action button to drive people to your sign-up page.



Record your slide changes and conversation and instantly display a replay when your event ends.

All service plans include the option to create one or more decidated ‘pinless’ numbers which let your attendees easily dial into your live or recorded events.

Share video, then pause and discuss: Instant Teleseminar records everything for your replays.

Display a static call to action button, or a dynamic button that appears at a specific time to send people to your order form.

Create unlimited recordings and display replays within seconds of the end of your live events. Turn your recordings on or off whenever you like, or have them automatically expire on a date and time you set in advance.

Broadcast a recording over the phone lines and live webcast so that it has all appearances of a live event. Perfect for telesummits.

Unlimited Events and Recordings, One Flat Cost

See “Raised Hands” & Control Who Speaks

Autopilot broadcasts a pre-recorded audio over the phone and live webcast, so your audience experiences the call exactly as if it were a live event.

Event page – your event page describes your event and includes an “Add to Calendar” button to remind participants to come back at the right time. When your event goes live, your event page automatically displays the connection options, including how to connect by phone, web call, or webcast. And when your event is over, the same page automatically displays the replay.


$1 for 21 day free trial


Best used by:

Companies of all size and type


Max attendees: 1,000. Multiple presenters

Livestorm is a webinar platform with bolt on meeting software that usually has an incremental cost but is free during the covid pandemic

For the first time, you can actually rely on a webinar software that works 100% in your browser without any restriction for your attendees. They can attend your webinars on mobile or desktop with their favourite browser.

Live webinars with easy to use technology

On demand webinars – set up to run with all the features attendees expect from a live webinar

Automated webinars – Set up videos to launch and end videos at a specific time

Instant meetings and scheduled meetings – can be used for sales calls, customer training or other online meetings


Event infrastructure – Livestorm builds beautiful registration pages and sends reminders for you.

Customised branding – Create your own registration pages and customize your emails to your liking.

Analytics – Livestorm comes with enriched data on all your contacts. All of your teammates on Livestorm get access to attendee information

Integrations – Get the data out of Livestorm and into your CRM and marketing automation tools in just a few clicks.

Chat during webinars

Livestorm is available in English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Italian, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Czech, Turkish and Finnish.

Screensharing – Share your screen with your attendees. Hit a button and that’s it.

Q&A – Attendees can upvote any relevant question. Choosing questions to answer just became easier.

Polls during webinars – Create polls during your webinars, publish them and see the answers in real-time.

Guest presenters – Add guests to your webinar before your webinar and invite them on stage. Up to 6 people on stage at the same time!

Email invitation – Import your contacts and invite them to your webinar with our very simple emailing tool.

Automatic email reminders – realtime information on the delivery of all your webinar emails: invites, reminders and follow ups.



Free trial

Live Webinar

Best used by:

Companies of all size and type


Max attendees: 1,000. Multiple presenters

LiveWebinar is a cloud-based solution with superior screen sharing, live video streaming, and recording features, plus customized branding, social media broadcasting, and audience engagement analytics.


Unlimited customisation – Create a completely unique experience with the freedom to add or remove features

Marketing automation – Integrate with multiple marketing automation tools

Broadcast your meetings and webinars to social media and other external sources.

HD Recorder – Record and share your webinars in HD

Whiteboard – Draw, write and explain better your thoughts with a virtual whiteboard

Social media – Share your webinar to social media

Statistics and reports – Work on data with advanced reports, analyses and tracking

Integrations – LiveWebinar helps you build email marketing lists! Automatically subscribe your webinar leads to marketing automation tools, CRMs. Missing integrations can be made for you

Breakout rooms – Run limitless meetings in one session. Split your session into several meetings and collaborating with numerous participants at a time.


14 day free trial plus free version for 5 attendees

Best used by:

Companies of all size and type


Max attendees: unknown

Take your digital experiences to the next level with engaging, interactive and data-rich webinars that connect with your audiences and accelerate buying journeys through 20+ tools that drive engagement and conversion.

Good for companies wanting to focus on webinars and virtual events to engage with their audience through the buying process


Media player – stream audio and video within your webcast and allow on demand viewers to pause, fast forward and rewind

Q&A – engage directly with your audience and empower attendees to get the answers they need

Survey – gather feedback and understand the interest and intent of attendees

Customisable branding – fully customisable webinar console backgrounds and engagement tool icons


Apply for pricing via the website

U Webinar

Best used by:

Educators, Entreprenurs, Small businesses


Max attendees 10,000. Max presenters 12

U Webinar is a live broadcasting tool designed to deliver incredible online presentation and distance learning courses



Multiple Presentation Modes – Presenters can switch the presentation mode during a broadcast. Including slides or webcam only, side-by-side, and picture-in-picture modes.

On demand – Upload broadcasts as video-on-demand content. Create a catalog of online webinars or courses for your audience to view at any time.

Pre-Record and Edit – Create and edit a pre-recorded presentation to deliver at a later time. During a broadcast, switch from your pre-recorded presentation to the live interaction mode.

Diverse ways to Interact – Interact using text-based chat and voice Q&A sessions.

Supports Multiple File Formats  – Presenters can import PPT or PDF files using desktop sharing. Then use annotations for clear discussion.

Pre-Record and Edit – Create and edit a pre-recorded presentation to deliver at a later time. During a broadcast, switch from your pre-recorded presentation to the live interaction mode.

Online Roll Call during a Webinar – To efficiently manage attendance for an event or distance learning, U Webinar provides the “Online Roll Call” feature. Once activated, audience members and students will need to reply within the time limit to confirm their attendance.

A Variety of Tools – Quickly switch between your presentation and webcam. Use whiteboard, desktop sharing, and annotation tools for a rich, personalized delivery.

Q&A – Participants can ask questions using text chat, and presenters can assess questions of highest interest based on the number of likes. A voice Q&A mode can also be activated for even richer interactions.

Multiple presenters – U Webinar supports online forums and large summit conferences with panel discussions. These panel discussions allow up to 12 speakers to join.

Analytics – U Webinar provides detailed statistics to assess viewership and attendance of each session.


At the time of writing Cyberlink, who have created the U products are giving away FREE accounts for 6 months. The freebie includes U Webinar and U Meeting and is wrapped in a management tool that allows admins to assign accounts and analyse usage and other key metrics


Webinar Center

Best used by:

Entrepreneurs and online businesses


Max attendees: unlimited 

Support, integration with hundreds of tools, reminders and everything you need with maximum ease.

Webinar Center supports 3 different types of webinar

Live webinars

Recorded (on demand) webinars

Evergreen webinars



Webinar Center integrates with the tools you are already using such as Google analytics and Zapier. It also can use YouTube as a video transmission server.

Analytics and Monitoring – integration with other Google services (eg AdWords and Search Console) and a very complete free version

Email automation – registration confirmation emails and reminders 24 hours before and one hour before the date.

With Webinar Center will send registration confirmation emails and reminders leading up to the webinar.


Webinar Geek

Best used by:

Business owners, Saas, Government, HR, Education, Healthcare


Max attendees: 4,000

Grow your business, engage with customers and be an expert with professional webinars

WebinarGeek supports 3 types of webinar

Live webinars – The most reliable and secure webinar platform for product demos, content strategy and educational purposes.

On demand webinars – Make your recording available 24/7 and let viewers decide for themselves when they view the webinar.

Automated webinars – Setting up automated webinars has never been this easy. Let our webinar software do the work for you.


Smart integrations and marketing tools

English and Dutch support via live chat

Branding – Give your webinar campaign your unique branding for recognition.

Analyse viewing behaviour – to an individual level and get to know your target audience.

Customised branding – A registration page with a recognizable look & feel. Select a colour and upload your own logo to match your branding

Emails – Send email messages in a recognizable look & feel for your customers.

Import contacts – straight into WebinarGeek via a .CSV file.

Evaluation form – Ask directly for feedback from your viewers.

Embed your registration form – Put the registration form on your website with our embed code. Participants subscribe to your webinar via your website and we do the rest.

Integrate with your own tools – Collect your webinar registrations in your mail- or CRM tools and automate it so they are registered automatically.

Paid webinars (EU Only) – Ask money from your viewers to participate in your webinar and earn money with your webinars in an easy way.

Other features include: Live chat, interactive polls, co-presenting, moderators and quiz

Calls to action – Have viewers schedule a meeting or sign up to your next webinar with a single click.

Show your webinars on your own Channel – A unique company page with an overview of all your webinars.


14 day free trial


Best used by:

All companies of any size or type


Max attendees: unlimited

WebinarIgnition is one of the most flexible platform for creating professional live & automated webinar funnels.

WebinarIgnition works with any WordPress site as a plugin, so you would simply install it like any other WP plugin and you are ready to go.  It does not conflict with your existing theme.

Live webinars – Run engaging, high-converting live webinars

Automated webinars – Create evergreen webinars that run 24/7 on your website and sales funnels.

WebinarIgnition is a one-time fee.  Pay once and you own the software for life.



Registration widget – can be placed on any page / post or sidebar to generate registrants for your upcoming webinar.

Host and charge your registrants a fee to attend one of your webinars. Integrates with virtually any payment gateway.

Analytics – Monitor unique visitors, webinar registrants, attendees, sales and conversions from the Live Webinar Console.

Count down timer for your attendees

Chat/Q&A – flexibility to have either a Questions box or Live Chat area on your live webinar page. Mark questions as read, once you have responded or delete questions of which you have answered already.


Export all of your campaign settings and import them to ANY site of which has WebinarIgnition installed on it.

Email/text notifications – Schedule your email notifications at specific times and integrate with Any Email Marketing Provider 

Utilize the “Live Console” as your hub to easily manage your live webinar as it is happening.  Monitor the number of attendees on your webinar in real-time, total sales/revenue, questions and more!

Embed any video feed such as Youtube Live, LiveStream and Ustream into your Live or Automated Webinar Page.

Customizable Templates – Each template can be fully customized with branding options, colour options etc


webinar Ignition has a 30 day money back guarantee. All payments are one time only rather than monthly or yearly

Best used by:

All companies of any size and type


Max attendees: 5,000+

WorkCast currently offers four main types of webinars, including:

Live webinars, On demand webinars (record and replay), and Simulive (hybrid) webinars 

Great for webinars, webcasts and virtual events and are predominantly used for Lead generation, product demonstrations, Communication Training and Education and managed and monitored events.

The cloud-based webinar hosting platform is secure and requires no plugins, downloads or barriers, so you can easily host your webinar, anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Workcast offers 4 main types of webinars. These are Live webinars, On demand webinars, Simulive webinars (combination of a pre recorded webinar with live interactions and engagement) and finally sponsored webinars which are like traditional webinars except they involve a third party to organise and promote your webinar to their audience.

You can pay per webinar as well as an annual licence.


Branding – seamless branding capabilities mean there is no break in the brand experience for your audience.

Audience Engagement – Polls, surveys, questionnaires, chats, Q&As, and more means your webinars are interactive and your audience is engaged.

Integrations with CRM and marketing platforms

Reporting and analytics – Real time analytics and comprehensive reporting data mean you can identify the hottest prospects for your sales team.


14 day free trial

Best used by:

Large companies


Max attendees: not known

Dacast primarily focusses on live videos but has a recording capability to allow you to host video on demand so you can reach viewers on any screen at broadcast quality.

You can catalogue your content for easy access

Good for online fitness classes, education and e learners and church congregations,as well as large corporations.

Dacast is a powerful video hosting platform allows you to upload, transcode, organize, monetize, and analyze your video content.



All-device video player – Simple to embed on any website. Compatible with any modern device, from a smartphone to a tablet to a smart TV. No plugins or installation required

Facebook streaming – broadcast on social networks

Real time analytics – Track and optimize the performance of your video content in real time.

Your logo, your brand – Customize our video player with your logo and colours to put your brand front and centre

Broadcast in full HD quality and Stream live to smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs

Easily build new applications and platforms – Access every feature and integrate it in your own digital media workflow programmatically. Or build your own OTT video platform from scratch using our RESTful APIs. Plus, our iOS and Android SDKs make it easy to create mobile apps

Use transcoding tools to convert your video content into a format that is best suited for streaming.

Video Content Management System (CMS) – Easily organize and manage video libraries.

Monetize your videos – Monetize your VOD platform with an array of monetization features. Run ads on your content to collect ad revenue. Dacast also has a tool that allows you to offer coupon codes or packages with bundled rates.

Embed you live videos – Stream live video on your website with no restrictions. Use your own branding and control where your video content can be accessed.

Optimize your viewers’ experiences – Get access to an end-to-end low latency live streaming solution with 10 second latency or less

Live countdown – generate interest and build audience excitement


30 day free trial

Best used by:

Marketers, sales and trainers


Max attendees 1,000

Webinato offers the best user experience for attendees and presenters alike when it comes to training and sales/marketing webinars.

You save time by pre-recording webinars and running them on AutoPilot

Webinato’s unique AutoPilot module lets you record an event, then replay it for a new group of attendees with the same interactivity as the live session. Unlike a traditional webinar recording that simply records the screen and generates large video files, AutoPilot is a reenactment of the original presentation.


Advanced Chat – Webinato offers a powerful chat module with tools for admins to manage a large audience. You have full control over permissions and may enable/disable chat at any time

Q&A Manager  

Real-Time Desktop Sharing – Presenters can securely share their desktop in real-time and attendees can see the entire desktop

Virtual White Board – Similar to an actual board in a conference room, the integrated White Board in the Webinato platform allows presenters to draw lines, shapes and arrows, add text and use a laser pointer to get their message across

Notes – The Notes module allows presenters to share formatted text notes in real time with attendees and other presenters.

Full In-Room Surveys – With the Survey module, you create and run multi-question surveys during your webinars

Document and Link Folder – Using the Documents Folder in the Webinato platform presenters and admins can upload any type of files or links and make them available for attendees to access at any time, creating a room library.

World Map – You may use the World map feature to show participants where everyone is connecting from to create a more social environment.

And a host of others such as on hold music, Twitter Integration, timer and countdown clock, e curtain, TV like sub titling,

Multi channel feature – This unique feature enables you to have interpreters listen in one language and translate into another in real-time and allows attendees to choose their language channel

Instant Poll – At any time during your virtual training or sales/marketing webinar you can run a poll to bring more engagement and get instant feedback from participants.


30 day money back guarantee


Best used by:

Companies of all size and type


Max attendees: 1,000+

Webinar.net allows you to reach very large audiences globally without capacity concerns, and enjoy clear,cost-effective pricing.

Setup a live webinar in under 60 seconds using a 5-step wizard and setup your own branding webinar interface with a free trial. Annual contracts are not required

Webinar.net supports 3 types of webinars

Live webinars – hold open attendee group chats and engage leads 1:to:1. With Webinar.net you never have to worry about an epic fail because we are built for reliability.

Pre recorded live webinars  – You can rebroadcast your live webinar over and over again. Your audience will have all the benefits of a live webinar while you just chill and monitor questions and chat

On demand webinar – record your webinar and publish it for on-demand viewing.


Broadcast to a live audience in under 60 seconds using a 5-step wizard

100% Web-based, no downloads for attendees

Webcast library with customizable folder structure. Drag and drop webcasts within your webcast library folders

Copy previous webcasts including settings and content

View a calendar of your upcoming webcasts. Built in Outlook and Google calendar reminders on the landing pages

Private chat for presenters only. Private 1:1 chat for presenters to attendee

In-Webinar Polling with live results and moderated Q&A between the audience and presenters. Automatically forward questions to email. Post webinar surveys


Share documents as downloads. Share pre-recorded video clips

Create dynamic Webinar registration landing pages and cCreate custom registration questions

Generate audience confirmation and reminder emails and schedule post webcast follow-up emails


Free trial available. Apply for pricing on the website

Best used by:

Marketing and sales – tradeshows and summits, sales conferences, training centres in medium to large business


Max attendees: unknown. Multiple presenters

The 6Connex virtual event platform helps companies reach new prospects, build their brand, engage a global audience, and drive sales.

They focus on 3 types of webinar – Live, Simulive and on demand


Customised branding – Background images and design set the stage for engagement. Tailor the visuals to your audience, content, and goals with signage, images, colors, and branding.

Attendee interaction – Use webinars, videos, 1:1 and group chat, gamification, social sharing, white boarding, polls, Q&A, feedback and direct CTAs to promote stickiness and keep your audience engaged.

Analytics – Actively track and measure results. Calculate true ROI with detailed metrics and insight into user behaviour, content preferences, and program impact.

Combine any number of spaces and designs to create your virtual event. Includes Lobby, Networking lounges, classroom, exhibit hall and booth and many more

Build and manage all aspects of a virtual environment with a full suite of tools, such as content libraries, registration and access to specific rooms or reports

Multilingual programs – Host localized event programs or include multiple languages in a single environment.


Quote available via the website


Best used by:

Companies of all size and type


Max attendees: Unlimited

Balstream focusses on live video conferencing,  but because it has all the webinar features I’m including it on the list

The great thing about Blastream is that the starter is free with an unlimited audience


Blastream allows to stream to an unlimited audience and also allows you to broadcast live on many networks simultaneously (Facebook live, Youtube live, private livestreaming server like Wowza …).

Privacy – Choose to block access to your webconference with a password or invite the user to send you an access authorization request

Document sharing – Share your documents and integrate them directly into your video

Screen share – Screen sharing in one click

Chat – Chat, group messaging and private messaging and there are several types of chat moderation

Embed – Anywhere like a youtube video

Video content – Integrate your videos directly into your conference

Poll / Quiz – Interact with your participants

Whiteboard – Collaborate with your team through a virtual whiteboard


Recording – Choose to record your videoconference in full, or just the highlights. An archive is available instantly at the end of your video, share the link of the replay, sync this video with your youtube account or download

Customization -blastream is fully customizable to meet your corporate design

javascript SDK and integration -Build your own web conferencing solution with our toolkits

Email / SMS invitation – Invite your contacts by SMS and email. Invite your participants with a simple link by email or sms. Your guests do not need to create an account, they just have to click on the link.

Access management – Control access to your video and your replays by password or by invitation

Interoperability – Compatible with phone calls (SIP), SMS, Input video stream (RTSP, RTMP)

Adaptive – A stream adapted to the connection of each participant


Free version available

Cisco Webex

Best used by:

Companies of all size and type


Max attendees: 100,000. Max presenters: unlimited

Hassle-free video conferencing that just works. Cisco Webex is a video conferencing platform with features that enable webinars. It is a collaborative tool to connect people


Cloud recording storage

Screen sharing – screen share your desktop, application or file during your video conference

Whiteboard together as a group and draw your ideas for all to see.

1:1 and group messaging – send messages and files in saved spaces, all organised around your workstreams

Event management – Easily accessible meeting control bar and in-meeting features like breakout room, blurred/virtual backgrounds and more

Automatically create post-meeting recap emails with highlights and action items, to keep working moving after the meeting.

Integration – Integrate Webex with the tools you use every day for your most productive work.

On demand – record your meetings locally or to cloud storage and get transcripts automatically

Calendar integrations – easily schedule, host and join meetings with integrations into your Google or Microsoft calendars

Customised views – Get the view you need. Place movable panels where you want. See everyone with grid view or re-size as you wish.

Animated gifs, emojis, and reactions bring your messages to life

Breakout rooms allow for discussions with smaller groups within the same meeting.

AI-powered meeting assistant – Let the Webex Assistant take notes and meeting highlights for you so you can stay focused on the meeting.


Free version available

Company Webcast

Best used by:

Medium to large businesses as well as non profit organisations


Max attendees: unknown

Company Webcast specialises in professional webinars and webcasts. Reliable webinars and webcasting with extensive options for different formats.

The webinar formats they offer are tailored to different types of broadcasts, such as marketing and external communication, internal communication, investor relations, e-learning and more.

Not only do the offer self service webinars, they also offer studio webinars, webinars on premise, and virtual conference rooms

Full Service Webcasting solution everything is taken care of: connectivity testing, camera and audio placement,  webcast directing, immediate support.

Automated Webcasts – If you host regular webinars then you can use Automated Webcasting.

Company Webcast offers a Do it For You and a Do it Yourself option


Studio webinars, webinars on location, a fully serviced offering as well as an option to run your own webinars if you need to host them on a regular basis.



Contact the sales department for prices

Conference on Demand

Best used by:

Trade shows, anyone wanting to hold a large  event, educators wishing to hold an online graduation


Max attendees: unknown

Conference-On-Demand +LIVE is a full feature virtual platform for events and tradeshows that can be delivered as recorded, hybrid or live sessions streamed to any number of simultaneous attendees.

Different them most “do-it-yourself” platforms our team will work with you to create a fully produced event working with you, your sponsors and speakers.


Customization of your event look on a unique URL

Registration Services – Open Registration or Closed to a specific list supplied by you


You can also use Promo Codes and customize them as you like

Continuing education testing after attending a session


Apply for pricing via the website

Create Webinar

Best used by:

Companies of any size and type


Max attendees: unlimited. Max presenters: unlimited

Webinar and online meeting that allows live and recorded webinars with a range of tools to make it a smooth operation


Customise the webinar room – add your logo and colour scheme etc

Create and manage your address book

Manage the webinar archive – All webinars information in one place, including names, dates, lists of participants and video records

Whiteboard – Draw on the whiteboard using a variety of tools

Share your desktop with webinar attendees

Change parameters on the website, no apps required

Manage the webinar schedule

A widget allows your visitors to create webinars from your website

Record and download the webinar to watch later


Free version available


Best used by:

Companies of any size and type


Max attendees: 1,000+

Whether you’re a business, maker or coach, Crowdcast is the simplest way to connect live.

Grow your audience with live shows, Q&As, interviews, conferences, webinars and more.

Track performance with advanced analytics, communicate with in-app emails, and connect to over 500 of your favourite tools with Zapier.


Connect through HD streaming with no-delay

Social media – Broadcast to platforms like Facebook Live, Periscope and YouTube Live.

Analytics – Track performance with advanced analytics

Integration – communicate with in-app emails, and connect to over 500 of your favourite tools with Zapier.

Q&A and voting – Allow attendees to submit questions and vote for their favorites so you can stay focused on what matters. Timestamp your answers for easy replay.

 Invite anyone on screen – Invite a co-host, guest, or attendee up on screen with just a click for up to four people on screen at a time.

Chat interactivity – With full controls over chat, you can delete comments, ban trolls, invite anyone on screen or hover for profiles.

Marketplace is where you can find and hire a verified third-party specialist to help with a range of tasks from real-time technical support to helping produce, market and facilitate your online event or conference.

Screen share – Share a presentation, demo a product, or let a guest share their screen for a dynamic, multimedia learning experience.

Single customizable smart URL

Built-in landing page where you can accept payments


You can start a free trial with 10 live attendees and 30 minute sessions with all business features.

Best used by:

All companies of any size or type


Max attendees: 1,000. Max presenters: 4

Host, connect and engage up to a 1,000 attendees anytime.

Hosting is easy and joining is easier. Simply click on the link from your preferred browser. No download needed

Feature-rich platform to boost interaction between presenter and audience


Event management – Host, manage, and control meetings together with your co-host. Host can record, mute, unmute, invite, drop participants and more

Gain full control for sharing and annotating presentations, whiteboards, documents, and applications in a meeting

Analytics and diagnosis

Room Size – Create a 1-to-1 room or a group room that can host up to 1000 participants

Annotations – Enable participants to mark-up, write notes or draw on screen for a more engaging discussion.

Video Layout –   Customise to your desired video layout – full screen, gallery or more – to match your specific use case

Active Talker – Provide prominence to the last 9 active speakers in a large-scale video call, allowing participants to clearly view who is talking.

Social media – live streaming to Facebook and YouTube

On demand – Record, store, and retrieve video calls &/or audio calls.

Screen Sharing – Share your screen and collaborate

Whiteboard – Add text, lines or shapes, or draw on the whiteboard to convey your ideas


Evenium Connex me

Best used by:

Companies of all size and type


Max attendees: 1,000

Evenium Connex me is an Evenium product.

Their platform simplifies setup, streaming, and access for everyone. Speakers can share their camera and screen in a click or two. As for participants, they just have to log into the platform from any device or browser to enjoy the webinar!


Brainstorming or advanced polling are tools that will help you gather insightful information

On demand – participants access the webinar replay and search the webinar transcript for the content they missed or want to watch again.


Analytics – Pre-webinar, follow your registrations in real time. Post-webinar, gather all the stats  and learn more on your webinar performance.

Customisation – From custom landing and registration pages to email invitations