Why it's important to reduce your business costs now?

Reduced business costs

I’ve not worked in a company yet that wasn’t able to use this programme to identify cost reduction opportunities. And who wouldn’t want to reduce their business costs?

But this is not a cost cutting exercise. A cost cutting exercise removes cost without removing the causes, and this can cause problems for any business. 

This is a programme that identifies the causes of cost, removes the inefficiencies and increases profitability.

Improved customer satisfaction

This programme will simplify and speed up your processes. Everyone always thinks their processes are fine, but without realising it they are usually embedded with rework and work arounds. 

Because the programme takes the complexity and errors from the processes it leads to reduced complaints

With improved processes come quicker lead times, and an improved customer experience, and this generally leads to more sales and increased customer satisfaction and customer retention.


Increased Revenue

The programme will improve your process times which in turn will allow you to process more orders or more work through a reduced cycle time.

When a new broadband process for orders was introduced the number of orders that went through the process successfully was only 85, but using the methodology I use in this programme the success rate rose from 85 orders per week to over 4000 per week. This resulted in a revenue increase of £3.3m. 

Quicker process = more orders. More orders = more revenue.

Improved Employee Engagement

Improvement to your business through this programme could improve employee job satisfaction.

Processes are simpler and there is less frustration for employees who previously had to deal with complexity, work arounds, rework and customer complaints.

Aside from happier customers the obvious knock on benefit is a reduction in costs from reducing recruitment as employees churn less. 


I've learned what works in transformation and what doesn't


I have spent the best part of my career transforming businesses. Most of my work has been in FTSE  100 companies but I’ve also worked internationally.

Over the years I’ve delivered over £67.9m in cost savings, and now, rather than travelling and working for a single company, I have moved my business online so more companies can reduce their costs and increase their profits.



90 minutes of online videos
Downloadable content
Apply the course immediately
Transform your business as you learn
One on one consultancy at key milestones

Module 1: Set up for your successful Business Transformation

# Set up for success

# Create a Success Statement – Using a top down approach to set your strategy and align the transformation to ensure success

# Define the problem – where to start your transformation. Where are your highest costs? Where are your biggest problems? Get a clear idea of where to start

# Start your Business Transformation – From what you’ve learnt in the previous lesson start looking at the first area you have decided upon

# Prepare for your workshop – whether face to face, or a remote workshop this module gives you all you need to start finding your opportunities

Now schedule your one to one review to look at your strategy, your success statement and the area you have chosen to transform. Whether it’s HR, Finance, call centre, back office, sales team, customer care I will apply years of experience to validate your ideas and make other suggestions that will ensure your success.

Module 2: Run a workshop to identify the opportunities

# Introduction to Process Mapping – using a real life example from a previous project I will show the simplest way to map your process, and how this can be shared as part of your workshop agenda. 

# Measure the process – using the same example we will overlay the process with the measures and show you how to calculate your process time and lead time. The data will give more in the process. You will be shocked at how long tasks take and how much waste their is in the process. All opportunities for improvement

# Analyse the process – now you will be able to look at the inefficiencies in the process and coupled with the data insight, create a list of opportunities 

# Improve the process – Here’s where you learn to create the initiatives and understand the cost benefit in implementation. Simple policy decisions can yield significant benefits as you re engineer the process

Now schedule your second review to go over the output of the workshop. Here our experience really comes to the fore as we can see whether your measures are going to be the right ones, whether there are opportunities that you have missed and how we can save you even more money

If your workshop didn’t yield any opportunities, and we can’t find any either then no problem. YOU WILL GET A FULL REFUND

Module 3: Create and implement the projects

# Prioritise your initiatives and create your projects – here you will learn how to get the biggest bang for your buck. Tools and template downloads will shine the light on the easiest and most effective

Now schedule your final review with you and your team to sign off the list of quantified opportunities. This is the opportunity to get an extra help you may need

This programme is suitable .......

🟧  For anyone who would like to reduce their business costs & improve profitability

🟧  For anyone with a budget reduction target

🟧  For anyone looking to reduce costs to stay competitive

🟧  Whether you have transformation experience or not

🟧  For a medium to large enterprise

This programme delivered the following...

Offline reduction

A new process which delivered real time updates to end customers to keep them informed on the engineer visit.


Communication Provider calls reduced from 9.1% to 4% which was 33 FTE worth of calls


 Benefits were 125% above forecast

Jeopardy automation

Removal of non-value work, and automation of the remaining value work which resulted in a 40% reduction of the work handled by the jeopardy controls.


 This in turn generated savings of £2.9m pa.

Recovery process

Process changes to improve the success rate of the recovery of failed orders to prevent failure and recover those orders that had failed the first appointment.

Benefit delivery £14.6m

Homemover process

To improve end customer satisfaction by system and process changes which moved

 Home mover satisfaction improved from 83.6 % to 92.4%

Provision process

To increase the success rate of orders going through the provide process.

Success rate rose from 85 orders per week to 4000

Customer satisfaction rose from 45% to 93%

£3.3m increase in revenue

by reducing broadband downtime and collecting revenue 10 days earlier

£1.3m reduced costs from call reduction

Our Guarantee

This method has worked for me every time. But if it doesn’t work for you and your benefits aren’t at least double the cost of the course, then I will give you a full refund.

Just send me an email. 

The investment

If you want to improve your business efficiency and reduce your costs then join the programme today for your risk free opportunity

Fast forward a year and imagine an efficient lean enterprise with improved customer satisfaction and more contented employees

Join the programme today and take your business to the next level

I want to support you in reducing your business costs quickly. This is now more important than ever. Thats why I want to make this an easy “Yes!”

How much does the programme cost?

Self paced

Do it yourself

A good option if you have a transformation team.

No coaching with this option but consultancy can be bought as a bolt on if required



Instant access

Video tutorials

Real life example walk through

12 month money back guarantee

email support 

Review of first process mapped



The BIG Bonuses

Bonus # 1 One 60 minute strategy call (value £1200)

Bonus # 2 Review of your first process (value £800)

Bonus #3 Downloads and templates to use during your business transformation (value £ 300)

Coached course

Do it with you

A  great option if you want to build the skill in house. 

8 hours of one on one coaching, at key stages, to review the milestones, and assist in the analysis and transformation.



Instant access

Video tutorials

Real life example walk through

Downloadable resources

12 month money back guarantee

3 hours of strategy call per module

email support

Telephone support

The BIG Bonuses

Bonus # 1 One 60 minute strategy calls (value £1200)

Bonus # 2 Review of your first process (value £800)

Bonus #3 Downloads and templates to use during your business transformation (value £300)

It's risk free, but what if money isn't the issue? what if.....

You think you don't have time

You don't have budget

You don't think Transformation works

 It’s hard to invest the time when you’re busy, but  as you work through each area of your business,  making each one more efficient, your investment will pay off.

Your teams will be more efficient and will have more time. 

More efficient process means less problems will need fixing which means you will have more time. 

Your internal and external customers will come to you with fewer queries or problems and you will have more time.

It’s a misconception that the most impactful transformations requires budget for new technology.

Obviously automation of processes is effective but it can be expensive and there are other simple and effective process changes you can make which will make a huge difference.  

I delivered £4.6m in cost savings by just re engineering processes.

No budget required

It’s true that transformations fail. I’ve had to fix a lot of them 😃

There are lot’s of reasons that they fail and the programme mitigates against them

Lack of sponsorship or support

Lack of mission, vision and defined goals

Insufficient resource, or team with insufficient skills

inconsistent or no communication

Lack of prioritisation

Here's how the programme works

Step 1

Watch the video & download the templates

Working your way through the video modules I will take you through the exact steps I take when delivering a significant cost transformation programme.

Step 2

Take the prescribed action

Each video contains all the information you need to enable you to take clear actionable steps to move you towards your goal of a more efiicient business with lower costs 

Step 3

Get the one to one support as required

At all the key stages you will get a one on one strategy session to review the output and ensure you reach your goal of a more cost effective and efficient business

Frequently asked questions

How long do I have access to the course?

You have life time access to the content, and 12 months to share the output and get your one to one coaching 

How do the downloads work?

The downloads are designed to be used during the course as you set up the project, identify the opportunities and quantify the benefits before delivery

How quickly will I see results?

Well that really depends on you. The videos only take 90 minutes to watch but the time will depend on how quickly you can set up and run the workshop.

Is it hard to map the processses?

No. The people in the workshop live and breathe the process. All you have to do is record the process steps. And don’t forget I will be reviewing the output with you so if it’s wrong we can put it right

what if I want the course for my business or organization but I want someone else to do the course?

That is absolutely no problem as the course can be set up with the appropriate person’s email address so they can log in to the course