Save your business money by beating Bureaucracy

  With talk of a second wave of Coronavirus sweeping across the country, most of the conversations I am having with the business community are about how they can reduce their overheads. So today I am going to talk about the cost of bureaucracy. It’s a significant cost.  According to a research paper** written 4 […]

How to achieve a Best in Class Organisation

Covid has got us all tightening our belts and focusing on reducing our costs to give us an edge against our competitors, so it’s not surprising that many businesses are turning to Business Process mapping as a vehicle to help them achieve their goals and become a best in class organisation. Understanding your processes, and […]

Business Transformation – here’s what you need to know

  Having delivered many Business Transformation projects of varying sizes over the last 20 years I’ve learnt a lot about what enables success as well as some of the causes of failure. In the early days of my career I led a large team of analysts whose job it was to carry out root cause […]

The Cost of Ineffective Meetings & How to Avoid It

How many meetings do you organise or attend a week? You probably don’t question their relevance let alone think about how much they are costing the business. Last year the online scheduling platform Doodle published a report which stated that 384,657 years of productivity are lost in the UK at a cost of £45.4 bn […]

10 Reasons why you should map your Business Processes

If I told you that you could reduce your business costs by up to 30% with just time and effort and no cost I’m sure you would want to know how. But if I told you that you would do it through Business Process mapping what would your reaction be?   Many business suffer from customer […]